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The cobra is the common name of some elapids able to widen the ribs to form the famous hood.

If we ask a human that which creature is the most dangerous on earth. Mostly people will instantly reply “Snake”. And if we ask same question from snake, the answer is “Human”. Yes it’s a fact that snakes afraid from humans and snakes bite a human to protect themselves from humans. In this article, we will talk about socking facts about snake that you would not know before. Read this article complete to know about amazing facts about snake.


Facts About Snake

  • There are more than 3600 hundreds species of snakes. And from these species only 750 species of snakes are venomous. And in these 750 species only 250 species’s snake’s poison can kill the humans. But mostly people think that every snakes are venomous and can kill the human. That’s when people see the snake they kill.
  • When most of snakes bite a human once, they ran away, But only a Black Mamba snake bite twelve (12) time in his single attack. It means Black Mamba is too dangerous and fast snake that minimum bite twelve (12) time in his one attack. That’s shocking.
  • According to scientist, snakes had foots for walking approximately 150 Million years ago. But when the time had passed, their foots disappeared due to genetic changes. Still we can see their foots spots in some of big snakes such as anaconda, python etc.
  • If you cut the head of snake, never thing that the snake is dead. Snake can live for one hour after cutting the head and can bite a human and also can transfer it’s poison to human body.
  • There are some species of snake that can fly on air for a small distance. Some of these type of snakes also lives in India, China and Sri Lanka. 
  • Death Adder is the fastest snake ever in the world. It can attack and get ready for second attack within 0.06 second. Just imagine how fast that snake is?
  • Snakes always want to live in warm places. Because it make them fast. If the temperature of snake’s body low than 50 Fahrenheit (10 Celsius) then snake can hardly move its body.
  • The longest venomous snake is King Cobra that transfers a large amount of poison in it’s single attack that can make a elephant dead within 20 minutes. Also Cobra is the most responsible snake in all snakes species that never let their eggs alone.
  • Barbados thread-snake is the smallest snake in the world and it’s maximum length is only 4 inches.Reticulated Python is the world’s largest snake and it’s length is 32 feet. And Anaconda snake is the world’s heavy weight snake whose normal weight is 600 pounds (270 kg).
  • 40 thousand peoples lost their life every years due to venomous snakes all over the world every year. And only 20 thousand people became dead in India in snake attacks.
  • The rarest snake in the world is Golden Lance Head snake that lives in Snake Island Brazil. Also this is the most costly snake in the world.

These are some amazing facts about snakes.

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